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Study Abroad in Paris

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Students in class in Paris, France


​Students in class in Paris, France

Explore concepts related to couture designers and designs, and the significance of trend forecasting and the fashion market in Paris, the world's most prominent fashion capital.  While in Paris students will live in furnished apartments, become immersed in French lifestyles through activities of shopping, cooking meals and eating economically priced restaurants.

For more information, please visit UD's Study Abroad website.

Course Offerings

FASH 321-072: Haute Couture Design and Designers (3 credits)

This course explores the emergence and evolution of haute couture houses in Paris and the head designers currently in charge of them. Particular emphasis will be placed on those houses, which design couture and/or prêt-à-porter fashions, but also are trend leaders of the fashion industry. Couture design houses and couturiers are examined through historical, economic, aesthetic and socio-cultural factors. Students will understand the historic context of design houses and trace them forward to contemporary evolutions. Final project will be informed by both the historic context and the current state of the couture market, as researched and articulated by the student

FASH 321-073: Trend Forecasting: European Fashion Trends and the Zeitgeist (3 credits)

This course explores the significance of trend forecasting and the importance it plays in the global fashion market. It introduces the essential elements of forecasting, the process in which a forecast is developed, and how fashion is a barometer of culture. Trend forecasting is examined in global context due to the international nature of the industry. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of the process and implications of trend forecasting and its dependence on international fashion, the history of fashion, and the world at large. Final project will be informed by both the past and present state of fashion as dictated by outside influences.

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Study Abroad in Paris
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