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Minor in Fashion History and Culture

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​1920s Beaded Flapper

The Minor in Fashion History and Culture provides a unique opportunity for students to develop an understanding of the origins and evolution of dress and fashion in relation to global societies and cultures. Clothing and appearance (i.e. dress) are forms of non-verbal communication. Varying social, national, ethnic and gender groups project their identities through their dress. When examined from both historical and contemporary perspectives, as well as through analysis of cultural differences, clothing and appearance contribute to our understanding of the world. As an interdisciplinary subject, the development and importance of dress and fashion from pre-historic times until present day incorporates historical, economic, aesthetic, technological, social and cultural factors that influenced clothing change.

The minor is open to students majoring in any academic discipline and across all colleges. The minor is awarded only to students who have applied and admitted to the program.  The UD Online Catalog lists the required courses for the minor.

For questions about the minor in Fashion History and Culture, please contact:

Dilia Lopez-Gydosh

Degree Requirements

Choose one course from the following:​3 credits
FASH 114 Fashion Style and Culture
ANTH 101 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
ANTH/MSCT/HIST 216 Introduction to Material Culture Studies
Each of the following:
FASH 213 Twentieth Century Design: Ethnic Influences​3 credits
FASH 214 Costume History Before 1600​3 credits
FASH 224 Clothing Design and Production 1600-Edwardian Period​3 credits
One of the following:​3 credits
 FASH 319 Dress and Culture
ANTH 344 Anthropological Perspectives on Clothing
And one of the following:​3 credits
FASH 419 Social Psychological Aspects of Clothing
FASH 426 Historic Clothing and Textiles Collection Management
TOTAL CREDITS: 18 credits


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Minor in Fashion History and Culture
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Minor in Fashion History and Culture
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