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Frequently Asked Questions

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Please refer to this list of questions and answers prior to contacting your advisor.  You may find the answer you are looking for!

Question: How do I double check that my AP credits have transferred and are recorded correctly on my transcript?

Answer: Your UDSIS system allows you to select from a dropdown menu; choose "transfer credit report" and you will be able to view the credits that have been posted.

Question: Where do I find a list of courses that will satisfy my University Creative Arts and Humanities and University History and Cultural Change requirements?

Answer: A list is available on the UD website in the course catalog. Click here.

Question: I would like to take a course at another college or university. How do I know if it will transfer to UD?

Answer: A transfer equivalency search will enable you to determine whether or not a course at another educational institution is currently accepted at UD. Click here to go to the site. Instructions are provided in the case that a course is not listed but you would like to have it evaluated for transfer.

Question: How do I declare a minor?

Answer: You must contact the department where the minor is offered and inquire as to the process that is required for that department. A list of minors is found in the Course catalog. You may click here to view the list. If you are accepted into the minor, you need to add the minor in UDSIS.

Question: How do I know who my advisor is and how do I set up an appointment with them?

Answer: Advisors are listed on your UDSIS home page.

Question: Is my advisor able to register me for courses, change my schedule or override the UDSIS system?

Answer: No. Advisors are not able to access any student's SIS system for the purpose of amending it in any way. However, your advisor may be able to provide direction when a student needs some type of exception.

Question: When can I take my A&S Second Writing Course?

Answer: You must have 60 credits BEFORE your 2nd writing course will count.

Question: How do I determine if a course fulfills the A&S 2nd writing requirement?

Answer: The course section must explicitly state that it fulfills the A&S 2nd Writing. Using the "course search" tool and then checking the "Writing Course" box will assist you in finding courses that count toward this requirement.  Click here to be directed to this resource.

Question:  I lost my planning form and would like another copy.  How do I obtain one?

Answer:  First, you need to determine which year you entered as an FM or APD major.  (For transfer students, this may not be the same as your freshmen year.)  Planning forms are located under the Majors/Minors tab on the left.  If you are unsure as to which form you may need, please contact your advisor.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions
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