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"The Way We Wore: An Exhibition of Clothing and Memory"


August 2015

Curated by Sequoia D. Barnes (M.S., Fashion Studies​ '15) with contributions from Dilia López​-Gydosh (Curator, HCTC)

​"The Way We Wore" is a physical exhibition featuring garments from the last seventy years accompanied by excerpts from conversations with their owners or those close to them. These memories showcased the significance of dress to ​individual identity and human culture as a whole. The physical exhibition was excerpted from the digital exhibition​ of the same name.

​Adrian Bunny Dress, 1940s. Gift of Jones Apparel Group. 1998.015.

​Abstract Floral Print Dress with Matching Scarf, 1960s. Gift of Bob and Mae ​Carter. 2012.093.

​Adrian Bunny Dress, 1940s. Gift of Jones Apparel Group. 1998.015.

Green Multicolored Plaid Dress, 1980s. Gift of Patricia McDonald. 2011.061.

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Current Exhibition
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