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Academic Advisement

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Students plan their schedules with their academic advisor

Academic Advising at the University of Delaware is a shared practice throughout the institution that supports teaching, mentoring and learning. Collaborative relationships among students, faculty advisors, and professional advisors support students' development and achievement of their educational goals.

As a UD student, your academic advisor is available to help you select courses, choose or switch your major, explore careers or graduate education, and make sure you're on track to complete your degree requirements. You are encouraged to visit your Advisor whenever you need assistance with your academic program.

Your advisor can:

  • Help you plan an academic program that is in line with your interests and abilities;
  • Aid you in developing your educational and career goals;
  • Assist you with monitoring your academic progress and offer suggestions on how you might seek assistance when necessary;
  • Interpret academic policies, procedures, and requirements;
  • Help you consider other educational opportunities in addition to your coursework (volunteering, study abroad, campus organizations, etc.) and refer you to University offices which might also assist you;
  • Discuss career opportunities related to your academic studies and interests;
  • Be a mentor.

The advising relationship is a two-way street. As an advisee, you must actively contribute in order for the relationship to work.

As an advisee you should:

  • Do some self-assessment – think about who you are, what you want to do, and who you want to become;
  • Consider your values, interests, abilities, and goals and how they might affect your academic choices;
  • Contact your advisor and schedule an appointment when required or when you need assistance;
  • Become knowledgeable about the University, your College, and your academic program;
  • Prepare for advisement sessions (think about what you want to take BEFORE meeting with your advisor) and bring appropriate information and materials;
  • Follow-through on recommendations, referrals, and tasks discussed in your advisement session and ASK QUESTIONS if you aren't clear about something;
  • Meet with your advisor at least once a semester;
  • Understand that you are ultimately responsible for the academic choices and decisions you make.

In addition to your faculty advisor, The College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Academic Services office (your Dean's Office) offers student advising by dedicated CAS advisors daily from 11-5 pm. The UAS office is located in 109 Mitchell Hall (302-831-3020)

You can read more about advising here: CAS Academic Advisement

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Academic Advisement
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