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Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design and Product Innovation

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Fashion Design and Product Innovation Senior Collection 2019

A Fashion Design and Product Innovation Student Senior Collection 2019

As a Fashion Design and Product Innovation student, you will study the conceptualization, design and pre-production of products for apparel-related industries that meet the functional, expressive, and aesthetic needs and desires of consumers.

  • Research, analyze and forecast trends
  • Evaluate consumer markets
  • Translate inspiration into tangible products — wearable art and mass market
  • Conceptualize, design, and develop apparel products
  • Specify materials, fit and assembly quality standards
  • Understand fabric and fiber properties for managing fabric decisions
  • Utilize color and styling to enhance fashion products
  • Create technical and fashion illustrations
  • Prepare visual and verbal presentations - storyboard development, portfolios
  • Use technology to design apparel concepts
  • Develop solutions to real-world design and development problems. Senior apparel design students work with an apparel firm to solve an industry problem

To view the Fashion Design and Product Innovation curriculum, please refer to the course catalog  for additional information.

Careers Tracks

Alterations Manager | Fashion Designer | Assistant Technical Designer | Computer-Aided Design System Manager | Creative Direction Manager | Design Assistant | Design Associate  | Design Consultant | Design Development Coordinator | Design Management | Fashion Design Director | Fashion Forecaster | Interior Design Consultant | Pattern Maker | Product Development Director | Production Manager | Style Coordinator | Technical Designer | Textile Design and Production | Textile Innovator | Trim Coordinator

Degree Requirements

Planning Forms

Optional Portfolio Submission

Fashion Design and Product Innovation Transfer Document.pdf


​Take a look at our student designs and Synergy Fashion Show in our website gallery.

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Fashion Design and Product Innovation
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Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design and Product Innovation
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  • United States Fashion Industry Association