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Digital Exhibitions

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"The Way We Wore: An Exhibition of Clothing and Memory"

​Abstract Floral Print Dress with Matching Scarf, 1960s. Gift of Bob and Mae ​Carter. 2012.093​​.


​Abstract Floral Print Dress with Matching Scarf,
1960s. Gift of Bob and Mae ​Carter. 2012.093​​.

August 2015

Curated by Sequoia D. Barnes (M.S., Fashion Studies​ '15) with contributions from Dilia López​-Gydosh (Curator of the Collection)

​"The Way We Wore" is a digital exhibition launched in August 2015. It features garments from the last seventy years accompanied by conversations with their owners or those close to them. The memories they shared showcase the significance of dress to ​individual identity and human culture as a whole.

The digital exhibition inspired a physical version with the same title, which featured select garments and excerpts from the conversations.​ 

Swim Style: A Digital History in Swimwear

​Sears Swimsuit, 1960s. Gift of Dilia López​-Gydosh ​2014.010AB.

​Sears Swimsuit, 1960s. Gift of Dilia López​-Gydosh

January 2015

Curated by Sequoia D. Barnes (M.S., Fashion Studies​ '15) with contributions from Dilia López​-Gydosh (Curator of the Collection)​ and Belinda Orzada (Professor, Fashion and Apparel Studies)

Inspir​ed by the Collection's "Let's Swim[wear] through Time" exhibition, this digital exhibition​ explores the progression of swimwear styles throughout history via print media, video clips, and artifacts from the HCTC. It features​ the evolution of swimwear, emphasizing its consistent purpose of balancing modesty and utility.

"Nomadic Woman: Bonnie Cashin - A Digital Retrospective"

​Bonn​ie Cashin Mohair Suit, 1970. Gift of Philip Sills Co.  1981.026AB.

​Bonn​ie Cashin Mohair Suit, 1970. Gift of Philip Sills Co.


May 2014

Curated by Sequoia D. Barnes (M.S., Fashion Studies​ '15)

Nomadic Woman​ is a digital exhibition highlighting Bonnie Cashin's design aesthetic and some of her innovative contributions to the fashion industry. It features garments and sketches from the Collection's Bonnie Cashin collection.

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