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Fashion and Apparel Studies In The Media

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Retailers Canceling Apparel Orders Amid Coronavirus Torments Clothes Makers Street Journal2020-05-05T04:00:00ZClosed stores and plunging retail sales have led to canceled orders that are leaving clothing suppliers in dire straits. Sheng Lu, fashion and apparel studies, weighs in.
Clothing makers in Asia give stark coronavirus warning News2020-04-10T04:00:00ZCambodia and Sri Lanka rely on the garment industry for more than 60% of their exports, according to Sheng Lu at the University of Delaware's department of fashion and apparel studies.
How Sewing Face Masks Made Me Rethink My Clothing mentions Sheng Lu, Fashion & Apparel Studies, and data he collected that showed that in Sri Lanka, textile workers make $194 per month on average.
Coronavirus pandemic tears holes in Asia's garment industry Asian Review2020-04-02T04:00:00ZThe heavy dependence of some Asian economies on the garment industry stems from the accelerated pace of globalization since the global finance crisis, according to Sheng Lu, an associate professor at the University of Delaware's department of fashion and apparel studies.
Myspace's greatest gift was teaching us how to live online Jung, fashion and apparel studies, on how fashion subcultures were a popular part of the Myspace platform.
Emerging and Growth Markets, March 28th 2020 Street Journal2020-03-28T04:00:00ZThe 2008 financial crisis hit retail hard. But the damage to the sector is going to be worse as a result of the coronavirus, says Sheng Lu, fashion and apparel studies.
Retailers Cancel Orders From Asian Factories, Threatening Millions of Jobs Wall Streeet Journal2020-03-25T04:00:00ZSheng Lu, Fashion and Apparel Studies, said that with shops and malls closed in much of the U.S. and Europe, it's impossible to compare the current situation to the 2008 financial crisis.
Companies That Got Out of China Before Coronavirus Are Still Tangled in Its Supply Chains Wall Streeet Journal2020-03-08T05:00:00ZWith South Korea and Japan serving as major suppliers of textiles in Asia and facing a growing number of coronavirus cases, supply chains in the industry could become even more disrupted according to Shen Lu, fashion and apparel studies.
What To Wear On A First Date, According To Science Post2019-12-03T05:00:00ZJaehee Jung, fashion and apparel studies, is quoted on the inherent difficulties of doing research around the topic of what to wear on a first date. But that certainly wasn't going to stop the intrepid folks at HuffPost from writing about the topic.
America’s Obsession With Beef Is Killing Leather quotes Huantian Cao, fashion and apparel studies.

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Fashion and Apparel Studies In The Media
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