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Internal Transfer for Fashion Design and Product Innovation

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Applications are reviewed once each semester and completed applications should be submitted to the Department of Fashion & Apparel Studies, 211 Alison Hall West by the following dates:

• Spring Admissions: submit your application by September 15th and you will be notified of the outcome by September 30th.

• Fall Admissions: submit your application by February 15th and you will be notified of the outcome by February 28th.  For students taking FASH122 during spring semester, Internal Transfer applications are due on May 15th and students will be notified by May 30th.


• Completed Fashion Design and Product Innovation Application Form: Fashion Design and Product Innovation Transfer Document.pdf

• Copy of your unofficial transcript

• Portfolio (helps us evaluate your potential through examples of your art, design, and/or fashion work). It must include samples from FASH122 and 5-10 well-organized examples of your work with media labels and short project descriptions. This may include samples of garments you have sewn and/or designed, illustrations, sketches, paintings, computer graphics, and/or other 2D and 3D work (photographs only of 3D work, please). Although a variety of work is helpful, it is not essential.

Please be aware that applications not containing all required materials will not be considered.


Fashion Design and Product Innovation is a restricted major which means that the number of spaces available for internal transfers will vary by semester and we may not be able to offer admission to internal transfers during some semesters.

A faculty committee will review your application based on the following criteria:

• Academic Merit (2.0 GPA and above, grade in FASH 122 which must be completed prior to applying for transfer)

• Quality of portfolio

• Seniority (e.g., juniors will have priority over sophomores, etc.)


Be sure you refer to the most recent curriculum requirement sheet for a summary of course requirements and offerings. You are required to complete all requirements for the major and some courses are not offered each semester. Therefore, graduation from the university within four years may not be possible for internal transfers.

Before applying, you should meet with Dr. Belinda Orzada to determine whether you will be able to graduate within an acceptable timeframe. If accepted, you will be required to complete an electronic change of major form and will be assigned a faculty academic advisor. It will be very important to meet with your advisor at least once a semester to review your academic progress and to stay on track for graduation.  

Guidelines for Fashion Design and Product Innovation Majors

1. It is critical that you work closely with your faculty advisor and regularly monitor your academic progress by reviewing your audit in UDSIS. This will insure proper progress towards graduation.

2. Many courses in the Fashion Design and Product Innovation major are sequential and must be taken one before another. In other words, it is not possible to take sequential classes at the same time. For example, 122, 221, 314, 324, 484 and 433 must all be taken in sequence and in separate semesters.

3. Additional pre-requisites are listed in the catalog. Be sure to keep in touch with the best advice by attending advisement meetings and working with your advisor in the planning of your schedule.

4. If you are planning on applying for the program at FIT, you need to pick up all the information from the department office and begin planning early. Note that the schedule for Fashion Design and Product Innovation students is quite different from the schedule for Fashion Merchandising and Management students.  If this is your intention, you must plan your schedule carefully, therefore it is recommended that you meet with your advisor as soon as possible to plan for this path.

5. FASH 484, Design Expressions and FASH 433, Advanced Product Development and Management are considered the area's ‘capstone' experiences and are taken during the senior year. They must be taken in separate semesters. FASH 484 is only offered in the fall and FASH 433 is only offered in the spring. Careful planning and meeting all pre-requisites in a timely way is critical. Some students may need to stay an additional semester in order to meet all requirements if courses are not taken at the correct time in their program.

6. If you are a transfer student, you may not be able to complete the program in a total of four years. Most transfer students who enter the program after the sophomore year will need to stay an additional year at minimum. Again, careful planning with your advisor is critical.

7. Study abroad experiences are recommended and many are offered during Winter sessions. If you choose to study abroad for a semester, this is also an exceptional experience, but requires early planning in order to meet all requirements of our program and graduate within four years.

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Internal Transfer for Fashion Design and Product Innovation
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Internal Transfer for Fashion Design and Product Innovation
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