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Minor in Functional Wearable Design

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The interdisciplinary minor in engages students in interdisciplinary learning that covers key components of functional wearable design in science, technology, creativity, product design and prototyping, and user needs. Students use innovative design and interdisciplinary problem solving skills to tackle important product development problems that can provide better protection for human beings against harsh, and sometimes hazardous, environmental conditions during sporting or working activities, or enhance human performance and health. This minor will give students the chance to take what they learn in other disciplines, beyond Fashion and Apparel Studies courses, and think more rigorously and innovatively about how to use knowledge from other fields to design functional wearable products.

Minor Requirements:

Science Related to Functional Wearable Design:

Elective one focuses on the scientific principles that are related to functional wearable design. Courses in this elective provide a scientific foundation for understanding how functional wearable products interact with human body and movement.

One of the following:

Creative Design and Design Thinking:

Elective two provides students with creativity skills and knowledge that support functional wearable design.  With the creativity training, students can design and develop functional wearables that meet both functional and aesthetic requirements.

One of the following:

Function and Consumer Needs:

Augments student knowledge on how functional wearables can meet user needs. Designing functional wearables that meet user needs is important for the success of the product.

One of the following:

Advanced Tools in Functional Wearable Design and Prototyping:

Elective four teaches students advanced tools used in designing and developing functional wearables. These tools include the design and development of knitwear, microelectronics, robotics, mechanical devices, sensing and actuation devices, as well as advanced prototyping techniques and design for manufacturing. 

One of the following:

Credits to Total a Minimum of 21

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Minor in Functional Wearable Design
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Minor in Functional Wearable Design
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