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Research related to the study of clothing and appearance as important contributors to human interactions; consideration of the importance of clothing in individual and collective behavior. Basic concepts and theories from social psychology will be used to study how dress reflects self-feelings, establishes social identities, and affects interpersonal encounters.

FASH 620 FASHION AND APPAREL STUDIES GRADUATE INTERNSHIP (1-3 credits) An off-campus supervised and coordinated field study program in fashion/apparel related areas that allows students to apply acquired knowledge and skills in a corporate or professional setting.

FASH 626 HISTORIC TEXTILES & CLOTHING COLLECTION MANAGEMENT (1-3 credits) Practicum at the University of Delaware Historic Costume and Textiles Collection. Students learn proper care, storage and display techniques for flat textiles, apparel and accessories. Experiences may include museum education, object accession, and database management.

FASH 630 APPAREL BRAND MANAGEMENT & MARKETING (3 credits) A study of the significance of brand management for fashion companies as a competitive strategy for building sales and customer base. Introduction to essential elements of branding. Examines major activities of brand management and marketing with a focus on apparel firms. Apparel branding examined in the global context due to global nature of industry and its impact on consumers around the world.PREREQ: Graduate standing. RESTRICTIONS: Not open to students with credit for FASH430.

FASH 633 PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT STUDIO (3 credits) Product development for a targeted market from conceptualization through execution of sample garments for mass production. Develop skills in computer-aided pattern designing, grading, marker making and data management (e.g., sizing, specifications, operations and costing). Includes field trip.

FASH 655 TEXTILES AND APPAREL IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY (3 credits) Global interdependencies that influence production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. The diverse roles of government, industry, and consumers in the global economy. An overview of the global textile and apparel industries. Also examines the U.S. textile complex and the U.S. market within an international context.

FASH 665 FASHION STUDIES SEMINAR (1 credit) Exploration of current research and industry needs in the field. Must be taken each time course is offered. Presentation of thesis research required.

FASH 666 SPECIAL PROBLEM (1-6 credits) Individual study, individual service learning project, group experiential learning (e.g., travel, internship, service learning), research that allows students to synthesize learning across courses.

FASH 669 PROFESSIONAL PROJECT IN FASHION AND APPAREL STUDIES (3 credits) Engage in all phases of a professional project under the guidance of a faculty member and document the results in written form. The professional project should reflect the ability to conduct an individual study, individual service learning project, group experiential learning, or research project in which students synthesize learning across courses in the Fashion and Apparel Studies M.S. program.

RESTRICTIONS:If choosing professional project option, a student must complete a total of 3 credits of FASH 669 during the M.S. study in Fashion and Apparel Studies.

FASH 689 APPAREL SUPPLY CHAINS & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (1 credit) Challenges for social responsibility in the context of structure, relationships and long-standing practices and methods in apparel business. Analyzes structural and competitive issues of supply chains such as ownership, globalization, and outsourcing.

FASH 691 SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE APPAREL: GLOBAL POLICY (1 credit) Political and profit interests that influence socially responsible decisions and policy for the global textile and apparel industry are considered. Factors analyzed include ethics, economics, government policies, international labor standards, environmental regulations, and company priorities.

FASH 692 SUSTAINING GLOBAL APPAREL SUPPLY CHAINS (1 credit) This course examines the responsibility of businesses for sustaining economic/social development in the global apparel industry. An historical perspective of the role of the industry in economic development provides a context for evaluating current issues concerning sustainable development.

FASH 693 CULTURE & WORK IN THE APPAREL INDUSTRY (1 credit) Examines the interrelationships between cultural characteristics, employment/work practices and social responsibility. Examples of industry practices that reflect the effects of culture on business practices are addressed.

FASH 694 APPAREL CONSUMERS AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (1 credit) Examines the role of consumers in improving working conditions, labor standards, and environmental stewardship in apparel factories worldwide. Factors and groups motivating consumer action are explored, including the influence of personal characteristics, market opportunities, and activist and other pressure groups.

FASH 695 BRINGING SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY TO APPAREL CORPORATE CULTURE (1 credit) Importance of leadership, the role of inspirational leadership, and the opportunities for making a difference will be explored, analyzed and applied. Social change is the emphasis of this course-how YOU can help build a socially responsible workplace.

FASH 696 CURRENT INITIATIVES FOR APPAREL INDUSTRY LABOR COMPLIANCE (1 credit) Evaluates the effectiveness of current initiatives for improving working conditions and labor standards in factories around the world. Explores codes of conduct and new trends for achieving long-term improvements in compliance to internationally recognized labor standards.

FASH 697 WORKER-CENTRIC SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR APPAREL INDUSTRY (1 credit) Examines the rights of workers. Explores obstacles in meeting and methods for assuring worker rights, including freedom of association. Consideration is given to how to effectively engage with workers.

FASH 698 REDESIGNING GREEN APPAREL: DESIGN, SOURCING & PACKAGING (1 credit) Examines challenges to environmental stewardship in the design, sourcing, and packaging of apparel, textiles, and footwear products. Explores innovative practices, visionary leadership, and social change strategies for redesigning 'green' in the context of the design and sourcing roles of apparel business.

FASH 699 PRODUCING ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE APPAREL (1 credit) Examines environmentally responsible apparel production and practices as philosophy, process, and competitive business strategy. Analyzes sustainable production in the context of a business' physical plant, materials, and resource use.

FASH 800 RESEARCH ANALYSIS IN FASHION STUDIES (3 credits) Analysis and interpretation of research in fashion and apparel studies. Examination of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Emphasis is placed on theory development and research design.

FASH 810 THEORIES OF DESIGN AND AESTHETICS (3 credits) Theories and methods used in design and aesthetics; examines those used in multiple disciplines and their application in the field of apparel design.

FASH 814 HISTORY OF THE FASHION INDUSTRY (3 credits) An in-depth study on the evolution of the fashion industry, from its conception to the present. Areas of emphasis include manufacturing/production, design, retail and marketing. Each segment is examined through the political, economic, aesthetic, technological, social and cultural factors that influenced the industry.

FASH 819 FASHION THEORY (3 credits) Overview of theoretical perspectives used to explain and predict fashion and fashion change; examines economic, historical, psychological, marketing, and sociological concepts and theories to understand the fashion process.

FASH 822 GLOBAL FASHION CONSUMER (3 credits) In-depth study of consumer behavior toward fashion products in a global context. Theories will be investigated from the context of the required readings.

FASH 824 CREATIVE DESIGN FOR EXHIBITION (3 credits) Use of advanced apparel design techniques in the development and execution of a collection of garments for juried design exhibition.

FASH 825 INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACHES TO PROBLEM SOLVING (3 credits) Interdisciplinary approaches to collaborative creative thinking and problem solving, implementing a variety of methods (e.g., environmental scanning, concept/knowledge mapping, scenario building, futuring/forecasting, visioning, scenario building, strategic planning) to the sustainable resolution of global contemporary issues challenging the textile/apparel/retail complex.

FASH 868 SUPERVISED RESEARCH IN FASHION STUDIES (1-3 credits) Exploration of the academic research process, encompassing its conceptualization, design, execution, and dissemination phases.

FASH 869 THESIS (6 credits)

Students will engage in all phases of original scholarship under the guidance of their graduate committee and document the results in written form, including the process.

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Course Descriptions
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Course Descriptions
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