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News Synergy Fashion Show 2017! 5/25/2017

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Senior Collection Winners!

​Alexandra Cowie - "At Ease"

Alexandra Cowie - "Best in Show"

"At Ease" embodies a new woman hero who is inspired by three types of warriors: military soldiers, artisans, and indigenous people.

The collection consists of versatile pieces that combine rustic expressions with 3D printed innovations to enhance functionality. It utilizes feminine silhouettes and texiles, layering them in unique ways using line and varying proportions to create dimension. These textures and materials are manipulated in different ways to make them more unique and striking when placed together.

​Dani Dubay-Betters - "Kin"

Dani Dubay-Betters - "Most Innovative"

This collection, "Kin," draws inspiration from the traditional textile practices of the Kazakh women of Mongolia, for whom techniques like weaving, felting, and embroidery are culturally significant and vey distinctive.

In approaching the theme of technology, Dani opted to focus not on technological additions to apparel, but rather on the cultural losses we experience as the result of the spread of technology. Technological advances and the free distribution of information are beneficial, but create an environment in which cultural vibrancy is, in some ways, unsustainable. The collection makes use of the texture and exaggeration pushed to impracticality. Overly long sleeves and full volume create unusual proportions on the body.

​Keyana Neal - "La Vida Loca"

Keyana Neal - "Designer to Watch"

The collection, "La Vida Loca" is inspired by the colors and silhouettes of the 1990's, a bold and exciting time communicated with fun and funky fabric.

The exaggerated silhouettes and wild colors represent the best style features of the 90's; boxy shoulders and strong textures demand attention and can't be overlooked. Unexpected textile combinations bring the collection to life. The La Vida Loca woman is fun loving and full of confidence.

​Tara Martinak - "Etheture"

Tara Martinak - "Best Craftsmanship"

Inspired by the ever-evolving architecture of the city, "Etheture" is a collection of structured but fluid garments that are simultaneously strong and elegant.

This collection is asymmetric and angular to mimic the look of light reflecting off the buildings that tower high above the city streets. Made of silk sateen, textured wovens, and slub knits, these fabrics help create the stark sheen and soft matte which imitates the old and the new integrated into every cityscape.

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Senior Collection Winners!

​Synergy Fashion Show 2017!

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Synergy Fashion Show 2017!
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