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Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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Student Exchange Program

Take advantage of an opportunity to have a global experience at one of the premiere universities in the world!  This program offers an opportunity to study in Hong Kong, the door to the fashion capital of Asia, at a more affordable price than most travel study programs.

FASH Student Carmela Dow

​Carmela Dow

"Being an exchange student to Hong Kong Polytechnic University was the best experience of my life. There is no other place where you can feel so engaged with a culture so different from your own, while feeling so welcomed and a part of everything. I highly recommend this experience to anyone in Fashion and Apparel Studies!"  Carmela Dow 

FASH Student Abigail Siegal

​Abigail Siegal

​"My semester in Hong Kong was a once in a lifetime opportunity because I got the chance to experience another culture while making friends from all over the world. My perspective was widened and I feel so lucky to have had a semester to go outside of my comfort zone and grow immensely. The relationships I formed are lasting and I will never forget my travels to Hong Kong and Asia. HKPU gave me an opportunity to take advantage of many textile technology classes and learn from various teaching styles, making me a more well-rounded student".  Abigail Siegal 

FASH Student Joan Loporte

​Joan Loporte

"Hong Kong opened my eyes to a new culture and a deeper understanding of the fashion industry, but my favorite part of my semester was meeting so many new people from around the world who have now become lifelong friends".  Joan Loporte 

​This student exchange agreement is a cooperative agreement between Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Institute of Textiles and Clothing and the University of Delaware's Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies. The Institute of Textiles and Clothing is a world-class institution with comprehensive education in fashion technology, fashion technology, textile design, fashion and textile marketing and merchandising, and fashion retailing. Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU) have excellent facilities and close ties with industry. All classes are taught in English.

University of Delaware students who attend HKPU pay tuition at UD and pay room/board to Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU).  Student may receive credit for courses taken at HKPU which will count toward their degree at UD.   Information online for students considering the student exchange program at HKPU is on the following website: 

HKPU Student Exchange Information

To apply for the student exchange program at HKPU, Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design students must complete two application forms (one at HKPU and one at the University of Delaware).  You must complete an online application with the Institute for Global Studies as well as a required essay. 

Step 1 – Meet with the faculty director of the Hong Kong Exchange Program:

Jaehee Jung,

It is important to plan at least two semesters before you plan to attend HKPU.  Freshman and Sophomores are required to let their advisor know of their interest in the program to allow to plan for this amazing experience. 

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