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FIT Exchange Program Application Process

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​Step 1

Provide academic advisor with notification of intent to attend FIT during freshmen year and develop a schedule for completing courses at UD.

Notice of Intent.pdf

Step 2

Submit the FASH Endorsement documents for the selected FIT major.

Fashion Design Application.pdf

Fashion Business Management Application.pdf

Textile Development and Marketing Application.pdf

Step 3

Submit the State University of New York (SUNY) online application.

Step 4

Submit Academic History and Essay Form online form. The Academic History and Essay form will be made available online after you have received your email from FIT mentioned in STEP 1. To submit these forms, you’ll need to access MyFIT using the provided FIT Username and Password.

Step 5

Submit portfolio after receiving notification from FIT (Fashion Design major only). Students work directly with FIT for portfolio submission.

Step 6

Submit application for on-campus housing after receiving forms from FIT. Students work directly with FIT for housing.

Step 7

Schedule a UD program audit prior to leaving for FIT.

Step 8

Contact UD financial aid office if on scholarship or receiving financial aid.

Step 9

Complete UD Transfer of Credit form prior to leaving for FIT.

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FIT Exchange Program Application Process
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