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Degree Requirements

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ENGL 110 Critical Reading and Writing (minimum grade C-)​3 credits
First Year Experience (FYE)​0-4 credits
Discovery Learning Experience (DLE)​3 credits
Multi-Cultural Course ​3 credits
University Breadth Requirements (minimum grade C-)
Please note that University Breadth requirements cannot be satisfied with FASH courses.
​12 credits

Second Writing Course (need a C-)This course must be taken after completion of 60 credit hours. Approved writing courses are normally designated in the semester's Registration Booklet. See list of courses approved for Arts and Sciences second writing requirement. ​3 credits
Foreign Language (need a D-)Completion of intermediate level course (107 or 202) or higher or Exemption ​0-12 credits
MATH 114, MATH 115, or higher/equivalent (minimum grade C-)​3 credits
Arts & Sciences Breadth RequirementsNeed at least a C- in each course (may not be taken pass/fail). A total of 28-29 credits from Groups A, B, C, and D are required, with a minimum of six credits in each group. The six credits from each group can be in the same area. Courses may count for both University and A&S breadth requirements when a course satisfies both (see the rules here).
​3 credits
      • ​Three credits (non-FASH) selected from the CAS Group A Breadth list
​3 credits
​3 credits
    • ​Three credits (non-FASH) selected from the CAS Group B Breadth list
​3 credits
​3 credits
​3 credits
    • ECON 151 Introduction to Microeconomics: Prices and Markets
​3 credits
​4 credits
​3-4 credits

FASH 165 Fashion and Apparel Studies Seminar​1 credit
FASH 180 Introduction to Product Development ​3 credits
FASH 210 Seminar on Fashion Sustainability 3 credits​
FASH 215 Fundamentals of Textiles I 3 credits​
FASH 218 Introduction to Fashion Business​3 credits
FASH 220 Fundamentals of Textiles II  ​3 credits
FASH 380 Advanced Apparel Product Development ​3 credits
FASH 419 Social-Psychological Aspects of Clothing3 credits​
FASH 455 Global Apparel and Textile Trade and Sourcing​3 credits
COMM 212 Oral Communication in Business ​3 credits

FASH 122 Apparel Product Assembly 3 credits​
FASH 213 Twentieth Century Design: Ethnic Influences 3 credits​
FASH 221 Apparel Structures3 credits​
FASH 233 Fashion Drawing and Rendering3 credits​
FASH 314 Apparel Design by Flat Pattern3 credits​
FASH 324 Apparel Design by Draping3 credits​
FASH 333 Fashion Forecasting and Design3 credits​
FASH 421 Professional Portfolio Development3 credits​
FASH 433 Product Development and Management Studio3 credits​
FASH 484 Design Expressions​3 credits
​Six credits from: MISY 160, ACCT 200, ACCT 207, ACCT 352, BUAD 301, BUAD 309, BUAD 471, BUAD 473, BUAD 474, ECON 152, or ENTR 350 ​6 credits
Nine credits in additional ART, ARTH, and THEASix of the 9 credits may overlap with College and University Breadth requirements. Students may choose 3 credits of ART/ARTH/THEA from the University Creative Arts and Humanities list and 3 credits ART/ARTH/THEA from the University History and Cultural Change list.​9 credits


After required courses are completed; sufficient elective credits must be taken to meet the minimum credits required for the degree. May include Military Science, Music, or Physical Education (only two credits of activity- type Physical Education and four credits of Music ensemble and four credits of 100- and 200-level courses in Military Science/Air Force may be counted toward the degree).

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Degree Requirements
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Degree Requirements
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