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Master of Science in Fashion and Apparel Studies

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Graduate Students from the FASH Department

Fashion and apparel is a $4 trillion dollar annual business worldwide. Across the supply chain, the U.S. fashion and apparel industry directly employs more than 4 million people, who undertake positions ranging from fashion designers, sourcing managers, merchandisers, buyers, and marketing professionals, just to name a few. As the U.S. fashion and apparel industry continues to focus on high-value parts—research & development, design and marketing, demand for professionals with a postgraduate degree in these fields is growing steadily. Graduates of our M.S. program are also highly sought for Ph.D. programs at major universities.

 We are able to leverage rich resources from our collaborations with executives in the global fashion and apparel industry, successful alumni, and international advisory council members. For example, our Sustainable Apparel Initiative involves faculty, student, and industry collaboration. This initiative generates interest from around the world and has been covered in Women's Wear Daily,, Eco-Textile News, Apparel Magazine and other industry publications.

The University of Delaware is strategically located near world leaders in high performance textile manufacturing. Companies such as DuPont, Gore, and Invista. Furthermore, the department is able to take full advantage of various opportunities in the fashion industry in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and other major metropolitan areas due to its close proximity.


The following options are offered in the graduate program.

MS in Fashion and Apparel Studies – Thesis (31 Credits)

MS in Fashion and Apparel Studies – Professional Project (31 Credits)

 4 + 1 MS Program

Graduate Certificate in Socially Responsible and Sustainable Apparel Business (9 Credits)

Admission Requirements


For questions about the graduate program, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies:

 Huantian Cao, Director of Graduate Studies

303 Alison Hall South

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Master of Science in Fashion and Apparel Studies
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