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540 S. College Ave, Suite 210KNewark, DE 19713<div class="ExternalClass7A7DC464DE4B486CBF8CE11936283682"><p>PhD, The University of Delaware <br></p><p> </p><p>MPT, Drexel University</p><p>BS, The College of New Jersey </p></div><div class="ExternalClass005DD8F68BA34D3186D6811C73E6CDAE"><ol><li>Babik, I., Galloway, J.C., & <strong>Lobo, M.A.</strong> (in preparation). Development of spontaneous exploratory behaviors in the first two years for infants with typical development and those born preterm. <em>Research in Developmental Disabilities.</em></li></ol><ol><li>Hall, M.L. & <strong>Lobo, M.A.</strong> (in review). Design for (dis)ability: Creating wearable technology to enhance arm mobility for children with movement impairments. <em>Assistive Technology.</em></li><li>Babik, I., Kokkoni, E., Cunha, A.B., Galloway, J.C., Rahman, T., <strong>& Lobo, M.A.</strong> (in review). Effectiveness of a novel exoskeleton for an infant with impaired upper extremity function. <em>Pediatric Physical Therapy.</em></li><li><strong>Lobo, M.A., </strong>Koshy, J., Hall, M.L., Erol, O., Cao, H., Buckley, Galloway, J.C., & Higginson, J. (in press). Playskin LiftTM: Development and initial testing of a do-it-yourself exoskeletal garment to assist upper extremity mobility and function. <em>Physical Therapy.</em></li><li>Cunha, A.B., <strong>Lobo, M.A.,</strong> Kokkoni, E., Galloway, J.C., & Tudella, E. (2015). Effect of short-term training on reaching behavior in infants: A randomized controlled clinical trial. <em>Journal of Motor Behavior.</em></li><li>Logan, S.W., Schreiber, M., <strong>Lobo, M.A.</strong>, Pritchard, B., George, L., & Galloway, J.C. (2015). Real world behavioral doses: Physical activity, play, and object-related behaviors of toddlers with and without disabilities. <em>Pediatric Physical Therapy.</em></li><li><strong>Lobo, M.A., </strong>Kokkoni, E., Cunha, A.B., & Galloway, J.C. (2015). Infants born preterm demonstrate impaired exploration behaviors throughout infancy and toddlerhood. <em>Physical Therapy, 95(1), </em>51-64<em>.</em></li><li><strong>Lobo, M.A., </strong>Kokkoni, E., de Campos, A.C., & Galloway, J.C. (2014). Not just playing around: Infants’ behaviors with objects reflect ability, constraints, and object properties. <em>Infant Behavior & Development, 37(3), </em>334-351<em>.</em></li><li><strong>Lobo, M.A., </strong>Paul, D.A., Mackley, A., Maher, J., & Galloway, J.C. (2014). Instability of delay classification and determination of early intervention eligibility in the first two years of life. <em>Research in Developmental Disabilities, 35, </em>117-126<em>.</em></li><li>Harbourne, R.T., <strong>Lobo, M.A.,</strong> Karst, G.M., & Galloway, J.C. (2013). Sit happens: Does sitting development perturb reaching development or vice versa? <em>Infant Behavior & Development, 36, </em>438-450.</li><li><strong>Lobo, M.A., </strong>& Galloway, J.C. (2013). Assessment and stability of early learning abilities in preterm and full-term infants across the first two years of life. <em>Research in Developmental Disabilities, 34 (5), </em>1721-30.</li><li><strong>Lobo, M.A.,</strong> Harbourne, R.T., Dusing, S.C., & Westcott McCoy, S. (2013). Grounding early intervention: Physical therapy cannot just be about motor skills anymore. <em>Physical Therapy, 93 (1), </em>94-103.</li><li>Dusing, S.C., <strong>Lobo, M.A.,</strong> Lee, H., & Galloway, J.C. (2013). Intervention in the first weeks of life for infants born late preterm: A case series report. <em>Pediatric Physical Therapy, 25 (2), </em>194-203<em>.</em></li><li><strong>Lobo, M.A</strong>. & Galloway, J.C. (2013). The onset of reaching significantly impacts how infants explore both objects and their bodies. <em>Infant Behavior and Development, 36 (1), </em>14-24<em>.</em></li><li>Gadin, E., <strong>Lobo, M.A.</strong>, Sem, K., Paul, D., Steiner, K., Mackley, A., Anzillotti, K., & Galloway, J.C. (2012). Volumetric MRI and MRS and early motor development of infants born preterm. <em>The Journal of Pediatric Physical Therapy, 24 (1), </em>38-44<em>.</em></li><li><strong>Lobo, M.A.,</strong> & Galloway, J.C. (2012). Enhanced handling and positioning in early infancy advances development throughout the first year. <em>Child Development, 83(4), </em>1290-1302<em></em></li></ol></div><div class="ExternalClass03151AB044D447B4B3108DABA7908870"><ul><li>Lolas E. Halverson National Young Investigator Award from The Motor Development & Learning Academy Committee of the National Association for Sport & Physical Education, 2008</li><li>Dorothy Briggs Memorial Scientific Inquiry Award, American Physical Therapy Association, 2006</li></ul></div><div class="ExternalClassF73542AC90EC448BB517997B22CCDE22"><p> </p><p>Dr. Lobo leads the Super Suits FUNctional Fashion and Wearable Technology Program at the University of Delaware. This program brings together students and experts across disciplines including fashion, engineering, health care, psychology, and computer science to work with end users to create low- and high-tech solutions to improve quality of life and function for people with disabilities. Examples of Super Suits designs include clothing that is aesthetically appealing while being comfortable and easy to don and doff, exoskeletal garments that assist movement, and sensors integrated within garments to track activity and allow users to control their environment.</p></div>DegreesRepresentative Publications (Recent)Honors and AwardsResearch, Michele302-831-8526<img alt="" src="/Images%20Bios/Lobo_Michele_Head_Photo%20(002).jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Assistant ProfessorJoint Appointment with Physical Therapy



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  • Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies
  • 211 Alison Hall West
  • University of Delaware
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • Phone: 302-831-8714
  • United States Fashion Industry Association