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News Synergy Fashion Show 2019 5/28/2019

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Senior Collection Winners!
Wing Tang's collection "Eclectic" was awarded Best in Show!

​Wing Tang's collection "Eclectic" was awarded Best in Show!

Wing Tang - "Best in Show"


This is a hybrid collection between Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear crossing with sustainable zero waste design that is inspired by a diverse range of ideas from Neo-Byzantine dome architecture to star constellations in the space.  This collection consists of organically structured lines and silhouettes containing repetitive systematic details, mimicking the Parisian architecture. My design philosophy is to create longer lasting, unique wearable art pieces with quality craftsmanship at a more affordable price point. "Eclectic" is a systematic, detail oriented, Parisian inspired collection re-imaging Ready-to-Wear.

Kary Santayana's collection "Exoskeleton" was awarded Best Craftsmanship!

​Kary Santayana's collection "Exoskeleton" was awarded Best Craftsmanship!

Kary Santayana - "Best Craftsmanship"


Exoskeleton is a conceptual collection intended for a bold woman who wants her clothes to serve as a bold statement, even when she sometimes isn't so sure of herself.  She often encompasses duality, embracing many opposites to create a cohesive being.  She is powerful and passionate, and this is reflected through her clothes. The Exoskeleton consumer is an activist and advocate for mental health and sexuality. The progression of colors shown with each look represents the muse coming into her full personality and becoming comfortable with herself.  The garments within this collection serve as her exoskeleton so that she doesn't have to worry about being comfortable in her clothes; she can focus on being comfortable with herself. Exoskeleton creates a powerful exterior for her to wear in order to feel confident and empowered so that she can outwardly present the best version of her identity.

Samantha Petrone's collection "Chromatic" was awarded Most Innovative!

​Samantha Petrone's collection "Chromatic" was awarded Most Innovative!

Samantha Petrone - "Most Innovative"


Chromatic is inspired by an extraterrestrial, technologically driven futuristic society filled with individuals who are constantly craving stimuli. In this futuristic sci-fi world, technological and digital elements are incorporated into fashion by utlizing an abundance of new information and ideas. This collection paints a picture of the future, as humanity is becoming more and more dependent on technology and increasingly surrounded by digital screens.  Unconventional materials and futuristic textiles are incorporated throughout this collection, keeping up with an increasingly digital planet.  Individuals in this digital utopia strive to stand out from the crowd and to build a unique personal image.

Hayley Richards' collection "The Angler" was awarded Designer to Watch!

​Hayley Richards' collection "The Angler" was awarded Designer to Watch!

Hayley Richards - "Designer to Watch"

The Angler

The Angler revolves around an early morning solo fishing excursion.  Using sustainable and recycled materials, the line calls on the massive pollution of the oceans, as well as the devastating effects of overfishing.  In addition to the fabrics used in this line, colors and textiles found in safety gear have been used to provide contrast within the designs. Deep, cool blues and greens juxtapose the vibrant orange of life preservers and tackle gear, and a natural cotton balances the line.  The Angler is a genderless collection; it is designed for individuals who do not identify as a single gender, fall into a category, or need to defend their identity.  We can categorize fashion by material and color, but why should we classify a person within the confines of the binary?  Through a wider range of sizes, body types, structured silhouettes, and bold colors, The Angler provides comfortable clothing for the stylish person, regardless of the identity.

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Senior Collection Winners!

​Synergy Fashion Show 2019!

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