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News Design a Throw Competition 2016 Finalist 1/11/2017

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Soraya Force

​"B​ig Bouquet" design by Soraya Force

Soraya Force, a University of Delaware Apparel Design Major, was a finalist in the Design a Throw Competition 2016. Soraya submitted 10 different designs and had to write information describing each pattern.

One of her patterns entitled "Big Bouquet" was a finalist for the design competition. To create the look, Soraya first had to work on a smaller scale creating the bouquet by making each flower one by one then changing the colors of the details of the flowers. She then made the twigs, leaves, and vines and layered each design element with the flowers. Next, she repeated the bouquet using the program, Illustrator. This was all done in a lighter color scheme. Soraya then decided to make the bouquet larger and grouped the one bouquet. She copied the bouquet and manually placed the bouquets (subtlety changing the size of each bouquet) around the blanket dimensions to make it visually appealing (which was ultimately the final design). The darker background was chosen to contrast the light purples and cream since the small scale bouquet pattern had a light background. 

Soraya gave some variety in all of the designs she submitted.  Since floral is such a common print design, she added birds, butterflies, cherry blossom trees, tropical flowers, and other types of flowers to create her looks. Congratulations Soraya!

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Soraya Force
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Soraya Force
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Design a Throw Competition 2016 Finalist
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