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News Fashion Scholarship Fund 2019 2/6/2019

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Congratulations to our students!
Courtney Cullen (left) and Lauren Carlucci (right)

​Congratulations to Courtney Cullen (left) and Lauren Carlucci (right)

Two students from the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies were selected as winners for the recent Fashion Scholarship Fund case competition in New York City.  Lauren Carlucci and Courtney Cullen add to the long line of competition winners for the department over the last 8 years.  Students from the department have won over $260,000 in scholarships in total. 

Lauren Carlucci:

Lauren is from Long Island and is a sophomore Fashion Merchandising major. Lauren won $5,000 for her case study focusing on Burlington brand expansion into Canada.  Lauren was most touched at the level of support offered FSF scholars "The events at FSF were amazing, I did not realize how huge the FSF mentoring network was prior to applying. It was incredible to meet with so many experts in the field who were all there to support students!"

She aspires to work for Ralph Lauren.

Courtney Cullen:

Courtney is a sophomore hoping to double major in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. She lives in Rockland County, NY which is 45 minutes from New York City. Her FSF case study was planning an omnichannel launch of a loungewear company, Wildfox by combining the Australian "Surfie" movement of the past and Pop-up's with the social media stars from current Australian TV. This idea of mixing different cultures found in different time periods would relate to a larger target audience while also creating coveted “social buzz” about the brand. She would love to intern at Abercrombie after learning about their incredible program at FSF!

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Congratulations to our students!

​Fashion Scholarship Fund 2019

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