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News AndAgain 7/20/2017

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A Sustainably Denim Focused Company
Check out how chic recycled  Goodwill denim can be!
Jeans are one of the most beloved, tried and true pieces of clothing in our closets! However, what might be in fashion one season, is completely out by the next and the current fashion is always endlessly evolving. With all of these changes, a lot of jeans are left unworn and are eventually donated.  
That's where the up-and-coming sustainably focused brand, AndAgain comes in. They saw an opportunity to take vintage, second-hand, denim and recycle it into one-of-a-kind designs that use 100% pre-existing materials. 
AndAgain was started in 2016 by two University of Delaware students, Greg and Morgan. Greg, is a Marketing and Finance double major and Morgan is majoring in Apparel Design. Since then, they have grown dramatically and added a third member to their team, Elizabeth, who is also an Apparel Design Student at UD.  The team is participating in the University of Delaware Horn Program in Entrepreneurship, called "Summer Founders."
AndAgain's mission is to keep denim and textiles out of landfills. They found their way to the Goodwill Recycling Center in New Castle, Delaware. It was at this location that they saw a wealth of textiles that they could mold into trendy eco-friendly pieces using some of the materials found at Goodwill! 

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​Morgan Young - Apparel Design Student

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A Sustainably Denim Focused Company


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